Monday, July 10, 2017

June 20th 2017 - Meeting Recap

The Board of the Essex Westford Educational Community Unified Union School District met on June 20th in the Essex High School library.  Draft minutes are available HERE. Highlights of the meeting include:

- With the final meeting before the unification of our districts becomes official we gave our extreme thanks to both outgoing superintendents Mark and Judy. Each of them has conducted themselves an an exemplary manner as they worked to close out the end of their respective districts to see the beginning of a new one. The number of hours that each has put in, in addition to their regular work is something the entire board whole-hardheartedly commends and will be forever grateful for.

- The board was notified of the transition plans for staff at our two locations; Beth, along with the educational services departments will be moving operations to 58 Founders in Essex town. Our new superintendent will also share space with Brian Donahue, our COO, at 51 Park Street in the village along with Finance and HR functions. Everyone recognizes that as we move forward the district will be looking at a way to consolidate all administrative functionality in one physical location.

- The board approved the second reading of Policy D4: Title 1 Comparability and the first reading of E1: Title 1, Part A, Parent Involvement. With these two, all mandated state and federal policies are almost complete approved.

- The board recognizes the desire for continually transportation updates for our communities. Our busing companies are still seeking additional drivers to cover the expanded routes for the village schools. If you or someone you know might be interested in an exciting and rewarding part time position, please contact the Stacy Emerson at Mountain Transit directly at 802-893-1334. The area of Summit/Fleming schools is a work in progress and will be an interim solution with more permanent construction to occur at a later date.

- One final added note is that the new website for the unified district is live HERE I encourage everyone who reads this to give it a look along with following them on facebook and twitter.

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