Wednesday, December 14, 2016

December 6th Board Meeting Recap

The unified board met on December 6th, 2016, in the Essex High School library.  Draft minutes are posted here.  Highlights of the meeting include:

-District CFO Deac Decarreau shared more budget information with the board. After careful examination of the budgets of the merging districts, she has developed a spreadsheet restating the prior and current year expenditures of the existing districts, so that the board can have a clear view of what our communities as a whole have budgeted in the past. This information will be crucial to planning correctly for district needs in the FY 17/18 budget.

-Tim Kemerer, a member of the engagement steering committee that is developing out of the Nellie Mae work, spoke with the board about that committee’s future work, especially around the transportation planning conversation.

-The board approved four policies on second reading: Student Records, Student Alcohol and Drugs, Limited English Proficiency Students, and Participation of Home Study Students.

-Finally, the board heard there would be three finalists for the Superintendent position. These candidates are about to be publicly announced. Brian O’Regan, who is overseeing the search, is developing a specific calendar of events and interviews with them for January 4th and 5th, which will include public forums so community members can meet the candidates. Stay tuned!

The next meeting will occur on Tuesday, December 20th.

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