Monday, May 23, 2016

May 17th Meeting Recap

The unified board held its sixth regular meeting in the Essex High School library on May 17th, 2016.  Draft minutes are posted here.  Highlights of the meeting follow:

-Erica Baldasaro and Jason DiRosa of the Recreation Governance Study Committee updated the board on their work so far, focusing on the two governance models their committee has identified as most attractive.  They asked the board about the possibility of a memorandum of understanding or other agreement to formalize the relationships between schools and recreation around, for example, building use and shared staffing.

-During the regular Superintendents’ reports on transition progress, we heard from Superintendent Judy DeNova that the unified district is at the bid stage in evaluating financial information system software.  We should be able to review bids and select a system, which is essential to successful operation of a merged district, by the end of this summer.

-Committees gave updates on their plans going forward.  All four subcommittees have plans to meet in the near future, and these meetings will be publicly warned.  The warnings will be posted with the libraries and town clerks, as well as through the Essex Reporter and Burlington Free Press.  

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